Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Forgotten Photos

    I haven't worked on my Dolls House for several years now - and I was thinking I should get back into doing bits and pieces - otherwise it will never get completed...

    Today I was just hunting through my photo collection and I found a few photos of something I made ages ago and forgot to write about....

This was a slightly tricky item to make - I love the addition of tiles (printed on photo paper) I wanted a washstand and was pleased with how it turned out. Whether it stays this colour or will be changed is undecided yet....

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Catching up

   I haven't written in this blog for so long. I am afraid my dolls house creating hasn't happened for a while now, but I have been thinking that I should get back to it a little and work on completing this gorgeous house...and also my children keep asking when is going to be finished so they can play with it!

The nursery is finally done - though I might add little bits and pieces.

 I decided to buy a nursery set of chair, cot, walker and toys. They were a cheap set, not looking very nice

 The chair got re-upholstered. 

 I decided to paint the cot

I made a cot duvet and pillow - embroidering the lettering myself.

  I made the little rag doll from fabric bits and pieces...

The table and chair were bade with balsa wood, tooth picks and bannister spindles

 The chest of drawers was made with balsa wood, the side table made also from balsa wood. The table lamp was one bought in a set but I didn't like the lampshade so I simply made another from patterned card.

 The Kitchen

The kitchen has also had a lot of work done.....since this picture was taken...

I have begun to make the kitchen cupboards, thought the actual cupboard doors are not done yet!

I have managed to get the dresser done though! This is my 2nd dresser...I LOVE making them!

I had done the aga cooker right at the start of making the dolls house furniture....

 ....and I wanted a surround for it. I found one I really liked that cost £49.99!!!

Well I wasn't about to pay that much! Instead I used a sheet of balsa wood and some acrylic paint with some leftover brick paper....and totally guessing how to make it, I put together a surround - cost about £2 and at least it is unique!

Yes, I know there is only one utensil hanging there when there should be quite a few....seems my son likes to pretend to cook here and has 'misplaced' them!!! ;o)