Tuesday, 9 February 2010

A lovely evening

Kids were tucked up in bed and husband out for the evening, I settled down to watch T.V. After finding that nothing was on I picked up the dolls house book that I am getting lots of ideas from.....an evening of planning what to make....sounds good!

.....what to make???? Need something that is easy, nice, isn't going to cause problems with room plan layouts in future (not really got any definite plans yet) and doesn't need hinges/doorknobs or any other extras.

I had made a bookcase for the craft room a few days ago. Its based on the pattern for the dresser and it was easy to make....but stupid me messed it up as I normally do. I had planned to have it stained dark wood and I knew I had to stain it after the wood had been cut as stain won't cover glue. It wasn't until all the parts had been put together that I realised my error....now it has to be painted but as yet I haven't decided what colour to paint it - here it is anyway.......


Back to tonight's project ......A settle! I had never heard of a settle before (excuse my ignorance) but it looked lovely in the book and I thought that it could go in the hallway.

First I cut out all the pieces.....

Sadly due to a lapse of concentration and a mix up with already cut items and wood waiting to be cut, the bench is a couple of inches shorter than it is meant to be....do you think anyone will notice?

                                 This time I did manage to remember to stain the wood!

                                         All the pieces laid out ready to put together.

                                                            Wiping away blobs of glue

                                                                 Taking shape now.

                                                   All done! Looks too bare though....

How about a cushion? I rummaged through my bag of scraps and found a perfect tapestry style material. Cut out a rectangle of cardboard slightly smaller than the seat and stuck foam on top with glue....

 I wrapped the material around it tightly and glued the seam holding it together with pegs while it dried.

Then I sewed the ends and hey presto a cushion!

 Not too bad.....and all done in about 2 hours!!!

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